March for Science Bristol

Date: 22 April 2017
Time: 11am - 2pm
Cost: Free

On 22 April (Earth Day) Bristol supporters of science will take to the streets to add their weight to a worldwide movement of marches taking place that day in support and celebration of the vital role scientific evidence plays in everyday life.

Organised in association with the At-Bristol Science Centre, the March for Science – Bristol starts at 11am with a rally at Millennium Square, fronted by renowned speakers (announcements soon) with links to Bristol’s scientific community, who will underline the importance of government support and recognise the worldwide importance of science and scientific research.

The rally will be followed by a two mile march through the city, looping back around to the start point in the square. Bristol has always been a centre of scientific excellence. A previous UK green capital, home to major academic universities and the biggest hub for wildlife filmmaking in the world, it has built and continues to foster outstanding scientific credentials. This march will underline the community’s commitment to protecting both these credentials and the important role the city has carved within the scientific arena.

Science matters for everyone and it goes beyond identities and belief systems. This event has been designed to bring everyone in Bristol together to stand up for science – something that underpins the foundations of our world. The March for Science will bring together those who defend the use of scientific evidence in areas such as climate change, medical and environmental policy with those working or studying in scientific fields such as research, medicine, engineering and technology.


Speakers at the pre-march rally include:

  • Naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham
  • Popular science author Simon Singh
  • At-Bristol Creative Director Anna Starkey
  • Experimental psychologist Professor Bruce Hood from the University of Bristol

Contact information

For further information and updates:


Twitter: @ScienceMarchBRS

The Bristol March for Science is brought to you in association with the At-Bristol Science Centre.

Event address: Millennium Square
Outside At-Bristol
Anchor Rd
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