Artificial intelligence in health and care: How do we get it right?

Date: 28 November 2018
Time: 6:30pm - 8pm
Cost: Free

There’s a lot of media coverage on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Data-driven health technologies are not science fiction, they are here now – with the potential to do both good and harm.

Let’s bypass the hype.

How can we make the most of the opportunities, and use AI responsibly?

We will host an evening of lively discussion about the ethics and practicalities of using artificial intelligence in health and care.

Three short talks from leading thinkers on this topic will be followed by an open Q&A panel. We’ll also be joined by local health and care leaders to talk about implications for the region.


Dr Ben Goldacre, science journalist and Chair of Government’s new health technology advisory board

Ben Goldacre is a doctor, best-selling author, academic and campaigner. His work focuses on uses and misuses of science and statistics by journalists, politicians, drug companies and quacks. His book Bad Science reached #1 in the UK non-fiction charts and has sold over half a million copies worldwide. He has published extensively in all major newspapers and various academic journals, and appears regularly on radio and TV from Newsnight to QI. He has written government papers and reports on evidence based policy, founded a successful global campaign for research transparency, and currently works as an academic in the University of Oxford, where he runs the EBMdataLab building live data tools to make science and medicine better, like OpenPrescribing and OpenTrials. His blog is at and he is @bengoldacre on twitter.

Dr Natalie Banner, Lead – Understanding Patient Data

Dr Natalie Banner is the Lead for Understanding Patient Data (UPD), an initiative hosted at the Wellcome Trust to support better conversations about how patient data is used for care and research. UPD works with patients, charities and health professionals to champion responsible uses of data, feeding into policy development, creating accessible resources and horizon scanning for emerging issues that may affect public confidence in the use of health data. This includes exploring emerging data-driven technologies and how to create the right ethical and governance frameworks for these in healthcare and research. Natalie formerly led Wellcome’s policy work on GDPR and data protection, seeking to ensure UK legislation and regulation creates a supportive, trustworthy environment for health research using patient and health-related data.

Deborah El-Sayed, Head of Transformation, BNSSG CCG

Deborah is Director of Transformation at Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (BNSSG CCG). Her career spans 25 years in the NHS across primary, secondary, mental health and learning disability services. She has worked in operational delivery, innovation, service redesign and for the last 12 years specialising in digital and technology. She has won awards for innovation and excellence in public services. In her last role, she was the Director of Digital and Multi Channel at NHS England. Deborah was the Senior Responsible Officer for NHS Choices/ NHS.Uk, widening digital participation for citizens as well as digital programmes supporting the development of urgent care. She has a specific interest in exploring the use of AI, machine learning and cutting edge technology to drive the best possible delivery of care.

More speakers to be announced soon.

Event address: Conference Hall
City Hall
Contact information: Name: Louise Osborne
Telephone: 0117 903 7546
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