Dementia HIT achievements

Here are some of the highlights of what the Dementia Health Integration Team have achieved so far.

Sleep and dementia, emergency care, and notions of citizenship were among the highlights of the Dementia HIT Research Showcase 2018 held at BAWA on 19 April 2018.

A new video from the Dementia Health Integration Team (HIT) showcases opportunities for people to get involved in dementia research, both locally and nationally.

The Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) is a rare opportunity to plan for a healthier future for the West of England, but Bristol Health Partners believes that the latest version of the plan doesn’t address public health issues strongly enough.

Sue Wensley, Elizabeth Coulthard and Emma Moody, Directors of the Dementia Health Integration Team (HIT), reflect on the team's work and successes in 2016-17.

Health Integration Teams (HITs) have brought £3,988,121 of funding to the region since July 2016. Some of these awards are for research, while others are for service innovation.

The Dementia Health Integration Team (HIT) have published their first paper as a HIT. The aim of the study was to carry out a survey of public attitudes toward people affected by dementia in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Dr Liz Coulthard, Director of the Dementia Health Integration Team (HIT), reflects on the team's work and successes in 2015-16.

Some of Bristol’s most hardworking and talented health workers were honoured at a sparkling awards ceremony on Thursday 10 March. The Bristol Post’s first ever Health and Care Awards, organised in partnership with Bristol Health Partners, were hosted by...

Bristol’s health and care community are showing their support for the city’s 20mph speed limits as the council debates the issue today (15 March). A public petition supporting the speed limits, which received more than 4,100 signatures from people in Bri...

Bristol Health Partners Health Integration Teams (HITs) are well represented in the shortlist for the inaugural Bristol Health and Care Awards. HITs are a pioneering way of working on health issues in Bristol.

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