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Bristol Health Partners launches first annual review

4 June 2014

Bristol Health Partners has launched its first ever annual review at its Health Integration Team (HIT) conference on 2 June. The annual review showcases the work of the HITs, with updates from all 15 currently active teams.

The review also includes a round-up of the health research activity across the partner organisations.

David Relph, Bristol Health Partners Director said: "Our first annual review demonstrates the breadth and scope of the partnership and the work we're doing. The engine room of the partnership is our (ever growing) group of Health Integration Teams, and their reports reveal the commitment and hard work of all those involved. They also show very clearly the value of the collaborative approach that the HIT model embodies - it allows us collectively to share the big and ambitious ideas and to develop and implement innovative responses to the challenges we face as a health system.

"The broader review of activity across the partnership as a whole highlights the talent, confidence and commitment we're lucky enough to have in and around Bristol - and as Director I am very excited and optimistic about where we go from here. Simply put, the work of the HITs and of the partnership more generally is ultimately about making Bristol and its surrounds a better place to live, an easier place to be healthy in, and a better place to receive care if and when you need it. You will see from this report how we have made a start in this."

Download the annual review 2013/14 (PDF). To request print versions of the document, please email Zoe Trinder-Widdess on

Bristol Health Partners launches first annual review
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