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Model for reasoning in clinical decision making - can you help?

22 August 2016

Clinical decision making is complex. Tudor Beatu is a Philosopher of Science interested in developing a methodology for evaluating the validity of complex extrapolations in a clinical environment. Typically, medical prognosis combines several types of extrapolations: a statistical sample-to-population generalization supported by a randomised control trial; a similarity-based inference extending results obtained in clinical trial setups to routine healthcare conditions; and a probability estimate involved in the application of statistical data to individual patients.

Evidence-based recommendations provide clear guidelines for evaluating statistical generalizations. It is less clear, however, how the other two types of extrapolations factor in, and what role clinical expertise plays in the decision making process.

In order to develop a model for reasoning in medical practice, Tudor would like to arrange for one or two short meetings with clinicians to discuss the challenges of making decisions on the basis of complex extrapolations.

If you are interested and are able to help by sharing your experience/thoughts, please let him know on

Model for reasoning in clinical decision making  - can you help?
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