Using data better

Using Data Better is Bristol Health Partners’ digital programme

Our aims

There is a vast amount of health data that is being collected all the time. From the number of times you visit your GP to what kind of health services are used most, we have an opportunity to take a closer look at this type of information.

We want to use the power of data to improve health across the Bristol area.

We want to improve the health of local people and the services they use by applying research methods to the data that is collected routinely.

We want to add value to the important work that is already underway.

There are already a number of data initiatives taking place across our region’s NHS, local authorities and universities.

We want to contribute to these shared goals by fitting our work within and between existing programmes of work.

We hope that our contribution will help increase the visibility and connections in this health data community.

What we do


We’ll know we are successful when…

  • The health of Bristol citizens is improved through better services and interventions which have been built from joint academic, health and care system projects which:
    • use locally collected routine data;
    • have involved people directly affected by the health issue and
    • share their insights and analytic code for others to learn from.
  • We regularly apply scientific and value-based methods to our local health service to make decisions.
  • Patients and members of the public are confident that decisions being made about their data included the involvement from informed peers.
  • Local academics know about health and care system data and analytic priorities and programmes.
  • Health and care staff know about the academic expertise available in data science and informatics and how to access it.
  • National funders recognise our collaborative approach through inward investment.
  • Health and care analysts are attracted to work in our region due to its collaborative, open and innovative culture.