Digital health data training

Launched in 2019, our digital health training programme for patient and public (PPI) contributors aims to provide people with the knowledge to help in the development of digital health technologies and new ways of using health data.

As there is increasing interest in digital health and the opportunities around health data, we know that involving patients and members of the public in discussions about how best to use these technologies and data is crucial to success.

We found that there was a knowledge gap around digital health and health data amongst PPI contributors and health professionals not working directly in this field.

We decided to design and deliver and ‘introduction to digital health and use of data’ workshop so these groups can take a full and meaningful role in debates about the use of data and digital technologies.

The workshop has been designed according to principles of community education1 with the intention of creating a space for us, our expert speakers and our workshop participants to look more closely at the concepts, debates and resources available on digital health and the uses of health data.

The workshop is divided into four modules:

  1. Understanding digital health
  2. Understanding patient data
  3. Understanding health services data
  4. Understanding artificial intelligence (AI) in health and care

We selected these module topics based on what would be most useful for the range of local informatics projects currently underway in the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire area and those which could come up in the future.

To our knowledge, this is the first workshop of its kind in the UK.

Who was involved

We worked in partnership with PHWE to develop this training programme and John developed the idea for the session and its content.

The session was then co-produced by a design and facilitation team:

  • Sarah Blake, public contributor, local digital health R&D group
  • Sandra Tweddell, public contributor, local digital health R&D group
  • Dr Andy Gibson, Academic Lead, People in Health West of England
  • Ceilidh Jackson-Baker, Senior Administrator, People in Health West of England
  • Louise Osborne, Management Assistant, Bristol Health Partners
  • Oliver Watson, Senior Project Manager, Bristol Health Partners