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Researchers from NIHR ARC West and the University of Bristol have contributed to the International Society for Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH) ‘Eight Investments That Work for Physical Activity‘, released today. The #8Investments is a concise roa...

Researchers at University of Bristol are looking to speak to men and women who are close to retirement age, or who have recently retired, who do not currently do a lot of walking, to understand what would make it easier for them to walk more often. They a...

The 2020 Bristol Health Partners Health Integration Team Conference took place as a virtual event over the course of four days (28 September - 1 October 2020). More information on the speakers and sessions can be found here.Presentations from the event an...

Dr Suzanne Audrey is a Co-Director of our Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments Health Integration Team (SHINE HIT) and a senior research fellow in public health at the University of Bristol. She has an interest in the benefits that walk...

With more people taking an interest in being more active and looking at ways to help tackle climate change, active travel in the form of walking, cycling and scooting has become very popular. Our Supporting Healthy and Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments...

Marcus Grant, a health and spatial planning specialist, is a member of the Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments Health Integration Team (SHINE HIT) and an Expert Advisor to WHO's European Healthy City Network, and was involved in the de...

The report, Decarbonising Transport – Setting the Challenge, outlines the government’s latest intentions to tackle climate change through drastic transport changes. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps states that 2020 will be the year that the governme...

The work of our Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments Health Integration team (SHINE HIT) co-director Dr Suzanne Audrey has made a direct impact on Bristol's Transport Strategy, which was finalised and adopted in 2019.

Supporting the many initiatives that are helping to make Bristol a child friendly city is an important cross-cutting action to support healthier urban living for everyone. It is also an area of focus for our Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood E...

Safer 20mph speed limits are here to stay in Bristol, with the results of Bristol City Council’s review leaving the limits in place across the city.

Zoe Trinder-Widdess and Zoe Banks Gross on the results of the Council's recent Quality of Life report, and what it tells us about the priorities of Bristolians.

Co-Directors of the Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments HIT (SHINE), Dr Adrian Davis and Dr Suzanne Audrey, reflects on their progress over the past 12 months.​...

How walkable is Bristol? This is the question at the centre of Bristol Walking Alliance (BWA) events for 2019’s Bristol Walk Fest, which runs throughout May.

More than a third (36 per cent) of all deaths and serious injuries on roads in the South West, in 2017, were bike riders (cyclists and motorcyclists). On average, a cyclist or motorcyclist is killed or seriously injured every hour, on British roads.

Dr Suzanne Audrey is senior research fellow in public health at the University of Bristol with an interest in the health benefits of walking. She is co-director of the SHINE HIT.

An event on Tuesday 16 October, 6.45-8.30pm at the Watershed, Harbourside offers an opportunity to share ideas and opinions about the best ways to ensure people in Bristol can cross the road safely and conveniently.

Bristol City Council has launched the Bristol Transport Consultation, which is open until 2 November. Transport plays a big part in all of our daily lives. The draft Bristol Transport Strategy sets out the Council's vision and ambition for transport.

Edinburgh Napier University has appointed Adrian Davis to the groundbreaking position of Professor of Transport & Health. Adrian is a Director of the Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments (SHINE) ​Health Integration Team (HIT).

Bristol City Council is consulting on 20mph limits in Bristol. If you are one of the seven out of 10 who supports 20mph, then the consultation is your chance to show your support, both where you live and in other areas of the city.

The 20mph speed limits in residential areas in Bristol have prevented more than four fatal casualties a year, as well as 11 serious and 159 slight injuries, an evaluation by UWE Bristol has found, estimated to have saved the NHS £15 million a year.

Adrian Davis on the Government's 'deplorable' roads programme, which, he argues, runs counter to the evidence, doesn't represent efficient use of funds and will lead to untold ecological damage.

Adrian Davis describes Sustrans' new Active Travel Toolbox, which gives policy makers the evidence they need to support walking and cycling as a health intervention. Adrian is a co-Director of SHINE.

Seven in every 10 adults in Great Britain support the introduction of 20mph speed limits in busy streets, according to a major new survey.

Directors Adrian Davis and Suzanne Audrey, together with Marcus Grant, reflect on their work to promote the importance of healthy urban environments through the Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments Health Integration Team (SHINE HIT).

Evidence suggests that the more people who cycle, the safer cycling becomes, according to a report on data for England's major cities, including Bristol.

Dr Suzanne Audrey, Dr Adrian Davis and Marcus Grant, the Directors of the Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments Health Integration Team, give a round up of what happened in 2015-16.

Dr Adrian Davis, Director of the Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments (SHINE) Health Integration Team, talks about the differences between Bristol and the rest of the country in terms of attitudes to cycling.

A new campaigning group that aims to make the walking environment in Bristol more welcoming, safe, convenient and inclusive launched at in 17 May. The Bristol Walking Alliance is a collective of organisations and individuals who believe that walking is a...

Public Health England has published its first briefing for local authorities on active travel, which was co-authored by Adrian Davis, Director of the Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments Health Integration Team (SHINE HIT).

Bristol City Council has some money to make small improvements to walking and cycling routes. Fixing small things can make a big difference - bugbears are the small irritating things that hinder your cycling and walking through Bristol.

Bristol’s health and care community are showing their support for the city’s 20mph speed limits as the council debates the issue today (15 March). A public petition supporting the speed limits, which received more than 4,100 signatures from people in Bri...

The four local authorities for South Gloucestershire, Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset and North Somerset are running a travel to work survey, working with local employers to reduce traffic congestion.

Researchers at the University of Bristol are asking people for their views about ‘shared space’ in the city. Pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and others are often expected to share routes or public spaces in order to get around in Bristol.

The petition to keep 20mph speed limits in Bristol is less than 150 signatures away from its target, which will trigger a full council debate on the issue.

As part of Healthy City Week, the Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments Health Integration Team (SHINE HIT) held a workshop to contribute to the development of a healthy, inclusive neighbourhood checklist.

Dr Suzanne Audrey, co-director of SHINE HIT, is encouraging everyone to get behind an online petition in favour of keeping and extending 20mph speed limits in Bristol.

The Big Green Walk is a virtual sponsored walk taking place over 12-18 October as part of Bristol's first ever Healthy City Week, organised by 500 more and Netwalking South West.

A ground breaking new book, the Routledge Handbook of Planning for Health and Wellbeing, is launching on 2 July. Aimed at decision-makers in control of urban planning and transport policy, this handbook is co-authored by SHINE HIT's Marcus Grant.

Drivers' attitudes to 20mph speed limits don't necessarily reflect their actual behaviour, with some supporters speeding, while some opponents comply, a study finds.

The 20mph rollout has been happening in Bristol since January 2014. The project is designed to make streets safer and improve quality of life for local communities. Driving at 20mph can help make the city a safer place for all road users, a more pleasant...

Bristol City Council's Traffic Choices website helps people living in local neighbourhoods make informed decisions about what traffic schemes could work in their area. A local version of the site is now being adopted by Somerset County Council, with othe...

SHINE HIT director Adrian Davis has assessed the economic value of walking and cycling interventions in the UK. This work was commissioned by the Department for Transport.

The Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments Health Integration Team (SHINE HIT) launched on Thursday 26 September. Chairing the event, Angela Raffle explained: “We want to make Bristol a place where it’s easy to stay healthy.”...

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