Children's respiratory conditions

i Concluded

This means the HIT is no longer active

This work stream focuses on the ongoing work to improve the management of children’s respiratory conditions in the community, and to increase the understanding of reasons for unplanned admissions and attendances at the emergency department.

  • Work stream lead: Sarah Purdy
  • Other HIT members: Rachel Anthwal, Helen Baxter, Alyson Huntley


  • To develop a detailed knowledge of the flow of children with respiratory conditions through the urgent care system and the impact of changes in flow on the system


A mixed method systematic review of the role of general practitioner-led management of children with chronic conditions. (Submittedto the National Institute for Health Research, Health Service and Delivery Research). Led by Alyson Huntley.

Clinician decision making for non-life threatening respiratory illness in children under 5 years. Funded by the National Institute for Health Research School for Primary Care. PhD project for Leah Bowen, supervised by Sarah Purdy and Alison Heawood.