Using data to inform commissioning

i Concluded

This means the HIT is no longer active

The aim of this work stream is to develop ways of using data to inform commissioning.

Large amounts of local NHS data are available yet there is still a lack of knowledge about the triggers and causes of admission. Despite initiatives to provide alternatives to admission, the number of admissions is not reducing in line with anticipated benefits.

One method being explored by the HIT is using data to model the existing service systems, then using these models to evaluate service provision and areas of possible improvement.

  • Work stream leads: Sarah Purdy and Peter Goyder
  • Other HIT members: Sarah Purdy, Helen Baxter, Peter Brindle


  • To produce models of the flow of patients through the urgent care system and understand the impact of changes in flow on the system
  • To create system capacity to undertake ‘real time’ evaluations of the impact of interventions using available NHS data

Current projects

  • Discharge from secondary into primary care for elderly patients: clinical decision-making and risk management. A quantitative study of the CALS and CAU services at North Bristol Trust. Funded by the Avon Primary Care Research Collaborative, led by Helen Baxter in collaboration with Bristol and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Groups