Leaders: Dr Emma Clark and Dr Lynsey Clarke

Overall aims

To create an online portal for musculoskeletal services in Bristol, using a single point of entry set of webpages hosted by North Bristol Trust, with links to all other partner sites.

This will enable integrated healthcare across the city by sharing information among all stakeholders related to patient care, and the establishment of a comprehensive musculoskeletal treatment plan to address the biological, psychological, and social needs of the patient. It will integrate research and healthcare by providing information to patients and healthcare professionals on musculoskeletal research recruiting in the Bristol area.

Projects and activities

We have identified important stakeholders, including patient groups, clinicians and allied health professionals, and their likely information needs. With patient involvement in developing the website content, we have created the first draft version. This was road-tested at our June 2015 patient and public involvement day and is undergoing further development to layout, content and links.