Transforming care for people affected by dementia

Projects to transform care for people affected by dementia are happening across Bristol and South Gloucestershire. The key organisations involved in these projects are:

The national Alzheimer's Society has also contributed to consultations on some projects.

Projects to transform care in Bristol include:

  • Workshops to map the current dementia services available
  • Development of a dementia care pathway
  • Commissioning of a new Dementia Wellbeing Service
  • Creation of the supporting dementia team
  • Review of Memory Cafes in Bristol
  • Review of Red Cross 'dementia support services' in Bristol
  • Review of respite commissioning
  • Commissioning of breaks for carers
  • Quality improvements to support care homes

Projects in South Gloucestershire include:

  • Development and piloting the reablement service
  • Development of a precious time outcome framework

Projects across both areas include:

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