Who was involved

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This means the HIT is no longer active

The leading experts in child health inequality in Bristol were involved in the Early Years Health and Wellbeing (BoNEE) Health Integration Team. At the time of the HIT’s closure in 2021, the HIT Executive Group was made up of:

  • HIT Director: Patricia Lucas, Senior Lecturer, School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol
  • HIT Director: Jo Williams, Consultant in Child Public Health, Bristol City Council
  • Commissioning representative: Rebecca Cross, Service Manager Joint Commissioning (Children), Bristol City Council and Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Parent representative: Loula Hassan
  • Involving people in solutions working group lead: Rhian Loughlin, Head of Services, Wellspring Healthy Living Centre
  • Oral health working group lead: Katherine Walls, Senior Dental Officer, Oral Health Promotion & Epidemiology, UHBristol
  • Oral health working group: Sarah Bain, Director of DCP Training, University Hospitals Bristol,
  • Oral health working group: Andrea Waylen, Dental School, University of Bristol
  • Early nutrition working group lead: Jessica Williams, Senior Health Promotion Specialist, Early Years, Bristol City Council
  • Reducing the impact of poverty working group: Sally Jaeckle, Early Years Services Manager, Bristol City Councild

Other organisations engaged in the work of the HIT include:

  • Barton Hill Settlement
  • Easton and Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Management
  • NHS England
  • Public Health England (Devon, Cornwall and Somerset PHE Centre)
  • Single Parent Action Network
  • Wellspring Healthy Living Centre