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North Bristol Trust extend learning & research building

11 November 2013

Construction is well under way on the second phase of the learning and research building at Southmead Hospital. The new extension will be about half the size again of the existing building, and will continue its architectural themes, including the coloured glazing.

This development has been taken forward by North Bristol Trust in partnership with the University of Bristol and the building will provide accommodation for the remaining university laboratory-based research teams on both the Southmead and Frenchay Hospital sites.

Additional learning and development facilities are being provided to allow the transfer of the Trust's current facilities from the Academic Centre and Post graduate Centre at Frenchay Hospital. This will include an additional clinical skills laboratory and an expansion of the library. The building will also provide accommodation for the Regional Quality Control Laboratory, which will be upstairs on the top floor.

Construction started in spring 2013, and the building will be handed over to the Trust on 21 March 2014.

Rosemary Grant, North Bristol Trust's Deputy Director of Projects, said: "The extension is slowly taking shape. When the second phase is completed, the L&R building will be a great asset and further enhance North Bristol Trust's reputation as a centre of excellence for learning and research."

North Bristol Trust extend learning & research building
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