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Chronic kidney disease HIT gets go ahead

27 January 2014

A new Health Integration Team (HIT) looking at chronic kidney disease (CKD) has been given the green light by the Bristol Health Partners Executive Group. Led by North Bristol NHS Trust, the team director is Dr Fergus Caskey, Consultant Nephrologist at Southmead's renal unit.

Chronic kidney disease is increasingly common, and with increases in obesity and an ageing population, this trend is likely to continue. The HIT aims to improve the care pathway for patients at every stage of the disease. For example, patients with the early stages of chronic kidney disease may present with a variety of symptoms to their GPs. The HIT will look at ways to help GPs identify these patients quickly. It will also enable data sharing between primary and secondary care, and look at how patients can be supported closer to their homes to minimise travel. Patients can travel from as far afield as Bournemouth, Bridgewater, Gloucester, Chippenham and Dorchester for treatment and follow up appointments.

Fergus said: "We are delighted to have been successful in our bid to become a Health Integration Team. HIT status will give impetus and authority to the work we've already started. I am looking forward to working closely with the excellent team we have assembled, to make a real difference to CKD patients in the West Country."

Find out more about the Chronic Kidney Disease Health Integration Team.

Chronic kidney disease HIT gets go ahead
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