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AWP launches Everyone Included research scheme

2 April 2014

All Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust (AWP) service users now have the chance to decide for themselves about receiving information on relevant research opportunities through the Everyone Included - Research for All scheme.

Last year, AWP R&D conducted a survey about how they would like to find out about research. Of those asked only 1 per cent voted for the current way the Trust contacted people; a clinician initiated system to make first contact with a service users. An overwhelming majority of 70 per cent said they would prefer to be told directly and choose for themselves whether to find out more. Everyone Included - Research for All will make this happen.

Over the next couple of months AWP will be writing to everyone who uses their services asking whether they would like to receive information about relevant research opportunities. People can then decide whether they want to receive this information.

If service users do not want to receive research information, that's ok. AWP R&D have made it easy for people to let them know their decision by providing a dedicated hot line and email. People will be able to call and ask experienced staff about the system and what this means for them.

They have also made a film to help explain the changes and the Everyone Included system, using the local talents of producer John Thompson.

Hannah Antoniades Research and Development Manager says: "This is a great move forward for the Trust to make sure our service users have the choice to find out about research for themselves. We are rolling the system out over the next few months to make sure everyone has time to find out about it.

"It also means that for researchers who are running their studies in AWP they may be able to use the Everyone Included system to help with participant identification."

If you are interested in finding out more about Everyone Included please contact AWP R&D on 0117 378 4535 or email They would be happy to speak to anyone who wants to know more.

AWP launches Everyone Included research scheme
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