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Parkinson's and Other Movement Disorders HIT review of 2013-14

27 July 2014

Dr Alan Whone reflects on the achievements of the Parkinson's and Other Movement Disorders Health Integration Team (HIT) during 2013-14.

In the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG) Partnership for Parkinson’s and Other Movement Disorders (Move–hIT), our first goal was to audit the services currently available for people with Parkinson’s in the region, the actual clinical and social care needs and patient experience.

Once funding was secured, Neurological Commissioning Support, a voluntary sector organisation that aims to improve neurology commissioning, started the audit in early 2014. This has included structured interviews with professionals and patient focus groups, and results will be reported in May. This report will form the basis of a BNSSG-specific integrated care pathway for Parkinson’s, and we will apply to Parkinson’s UK in August for a service development award.

The Parkinson’s Centre is due to open in January 2015 on the Southmead site, and our own charity, ‘Move for Parkinson’s’, has continued to community fundraise for this. We have supported educational events through the Parkinson’s Academy, and have been key contributors at a regional meeting to discuss improvements to Parkinson’s in-patient care and setting Commissioning for Quality and Innovation targets.

Working to develop our research strategy, MOVE-hIT held a meeting last Autumn to bring together preclinical and clinical movement disorders researchers, as well as a separate meeting to inform people with Parkinson’s across the South West about our research. We have maintained close links with our PPI group and Parkinson’s UK, whose national ‘Excellence Programme’ has clear parallels with MOVE-hIT’s work plan over the next few years. We have secured much needed funding from industry for an administrator, who will work part-time on our HIT developments, focusing on networking and communications across the team and more widely. We anticipate that the next year will see promising developments.

Parkinson's and Other Movement Disorders HIT review of 2013-14
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