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Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments HIT review of 2013-14

17 August 2014

Dr Suzanne Audrey and Marcus Grant reflect on the achievements in 2013-14 of the Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments Health Integration Team (SHINE HIT).

The Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments (SHINE) HIT is working on several key areas to help ensure that budgets spent on city renewal, renovation and transport align with positive outcomes for people's health and community cohesion.

We are involved in several pieces of work funded by Public Health England (PHE) at a national level. Projects include a South West survey led by Adrian Davis on the feasibility of setting-up a responsive evidence service for queries on the planning and health evidence base, and a development management review into the urban food system and spatial planning for Bristol City Council.

Marcus has given evidence at a public planning inspector hearing for Bristol Development Management Policies. Using a health evidence base, and supported by others in the SHINE leadership group, he has argued for and secured an increase in the ratio of cycle spaces to be provided by developers in all new housing in Bristol. Marcus is a keynote speaker for the Academy of Urbanism Congress in May with a presentation called 'This place is killing us'. Marcus is a member of the reference group for PHE's 'Healthy Places, Healthy People' programme.

SHINE will be leading a major conference for European Green Capital year called Cities of Health, on 13-17 October 2015.

Suzanne is currently focussing on the walking environment and is working with the Bristol City Council Walking Festival planning group. She spoke at a twilight talk at the Architecture Centre entitled 'Bristol - walking city' and is contributing to the Architecture Centre Spring Green exhibition which is focussing on the anatomy of a healthy city.

Suzanne has also received funding to employ a research assistant to examine the research evidence of the links between health and the neighbourhood environment. She has produced a brief report for the elected Mayor's budget consultation, summarising the public health issues relating to the proposed closure of public toilets in Bristol: this contributed to the subsequent decision to retain the public toilets.

SHINE HIT Director Dr Adrian Davis is continuing to produce 'essential evidence' briefing papers relating to health and transport for Bristol City Council.

Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments HIT review of 2013-14
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