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Bristol Immunisation Group HIT launches

1 October 2014

A new Health Integration Team (HIT) focusing on increasing the uptake and effectiveness of Bristol's immunisation programme has been given the green light by the Bristol Health Partners Executive Group.

The Bristol Immunisation Group Health Integration Team (BIG HIT) is led by Professor Adam Finn, Professor of Paediatrics at University of Bristol, Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Infectious diseases, Bristol Children's Hospital, and is made up of Bristol's leading child and public health experts, scientists and health practitioners.

BIG HIT will assess the use of data, patient and public involvement and communications, to help people get the vaccines they need when they need them. They will look at which groups of people aren't getting vaccinated at the moment, and what can be done to improve their uptake of the programme. They will also develop an improved schools immunisation service.

BIG HIT Director Professor Adam Finn said: "I am delighted that the Bristol Immunisation Group has gained HIT status. Our work could have a significant long-term impact on the overall health of the Bristol city region, helping people avoid illness on an individual level, but also protecting the wider population for the future."

Bristol Immunisation Group HIT launches
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