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Our Evaluation Officer on evaluating the HIT model

1 October 2014

Following feedback from Health Integration Teams (HITs) at the HIT conference in June, Bristol Health Partners Evaluating the HITs Working Group has started a project to commission an independent evaluation of the HIT model. The working group is a collaboration of external researchers, commissioners, evaluation experts and Health Integration Team members.

I'm pleased to report the NIHR CLAHRC West have agreed to assist with this project. A small team of researchers, led by Dr Sabi Redwood (Senior Research Fellow in Ethnography), have started preliminary work to describe how the HITs have developed and how they are working. This will involve an evidence review, an analysis of key documents, and interviews with those who developed the HIT model. These preliminary findings will help inform the development of an evaluation framework. Watch this space for further news on how this is progressing.

NIHR CLAHRC West Director, Professor Jenny Donovan, will also be giving a talk at the NIHR Senior Investigators' meeting in October on the partnership arrangements of Bristol Health Partners and the HITs.

If you have ideas on evaluating the HITs or would like support with service evaluation in your HIT, please contact me on 0117 984 1639

Our Evaluation Officer on evaluating the HIT model
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