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Patient Voice South network for patient involvement

25 November 2014

Patient Voice South (PVS) is a network dedicated to improving patient and public participation (PPP) in the design and delivery of healthcare across the South of England.

They do this by supporting a growing network of people working in the field, and by sharing relevant resources and learning opportunities.

They also run Patients in Control, a programme that awards NHS funding to healthcare projects that put patients at the heart of decision-making. These funding rounds are now closed, but the summaries and outcomes of the awards are helpful for those developing research projects.

Patient Voice South is commissioned by NHS England and run by a small team from two NHS commissioning support units (CSUs), South West CSU and South CSU.

How does the programme work?

The PVS website provides a platform to share best practice and connect with others in the Patient Voice & Experience Network. They also provide online learning opportunities, a resource bank and face-to-face support from their field force.

Patient Voice South network for patient involvement
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