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CCG Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) targets

15 January 2015

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are facing a significant challenge in contributing to national efficiency savings. To achieve the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) target (money needing to be saved) CCGs have developed plans that set out how they intend to meet these savings. These plans are rigorously monitored by NHS England. Although initiatives have been identified that could contribute to the required saving target, there is still a gap and the CCGs need to identify innovative or tried and tested ideas that could be adopted locally.

The CCGs would welcome any ideas or suggestions on cost effective health and social care initiatives arising from Health Integration Team (HIT) research and practice. If your HIT would like to contribute ideas or suggestions, please send an outline to Trish Harding at and she will forward these on to commissioners in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset CCGs.

Additionally, you can submit your initiative as a recommended case study to the QIPP website. The website aims to build a collection of case studies as examples of initiatives that are improving quality and productivity across the NHS and social care. If a research related initiative is accepted, this may well help with your university impact statement.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further information on QIPP at this stage.

CCG Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) targets
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