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Dementia challenge report on care and support in South

11 February 2015

A report looking at the dementia challenge in the South of England has been published by the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol). Commissioned by the now disbanded South Strategic Health Authority, 'Slaying the demon' looks at innovation, best practice and areas for improvement across the South.

There can be no doubt that the delivery of high quality care and support for patients and families living with dementia is a major challenge for health and social care services. As a nation we are living longer and we are seeing more people living with co-morbidities including dementia. Whilst our effort must remain on improving diagnostic and therapeutic interventions to treat and manage dementia, we must also be focused on supporting patients, families and carers who are living and coping with dementia on a daily basis. They need co-ordinated support and high quality services now, not the promise of improvements in the future. It was within this context that the NHS South Strategic Health Authority invested and commissioned work to advance innovation and identification of best practice across provider services in the South of England.

Read the full report on UWE's website.

Dementia challenge report on care and support in South
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