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Bristol's Traffic Choices tool adopted by others

12 February 2015

Bristol City Council's Traffic Choices website helps people living in local neighbourhoods make informed decisions about what traffic schemes could work in their area. Bristol residents can have a say in how they think traffic should be managed in their area.

To improve community wellbeing and safety, money is given to Bristol's Neighbourhood Partnerships every year for traffic schemes. The Traffic Choices website to helps local people decide on the most effective schemes for their area, giving lay people access to evidence of the effectiveness of various traffic management measures.

The idea for the tool came from the Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments Health Integration Team (SHINE HIT) Director Dr Adrian Davis and colleague Dr Paul Pilkington at UWE. It was originally funded through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership and by Bristol's public health team.

Other local authorities across the UK are now interested in Traffic Choices, with Somerset County Council the first authority to commission a bespoke local version.

Bristol's Traffic Choices tool adopted by others
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