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Dementia study days

20 February 2015

A series of six dementia study days is being held from 20 March until 19 June 2015. The study days reflect an essential paradox within dementia care - that although dementia is an illness, it is only by being able to understand dementia from the 'inside out' that enables us to provide high quality care.

The study days include:

  • Dementia through different lenses which looks at dementia within a broader context including the strengths and limitations of the disease model and the basic principles of person-centred dementia care
  • Screening for dementia and assessment within the communitywhich will identify the issues behind identifying people who are affected by dementia, including the limitations and strengths of different tests
  • Living well with dementia- post-diagnostic support within the community which focuses on understanding the impact of a diagnosis upon a person affected by dementia and their family and critically evaluate whether it is possible for people to 'live well' with dementia
  • Preventing falls for people affected by dementia which will examine the definition of falls, symptom signs, assessment, fears of falling and practical solutions
  • Working with distressed and challenging behaviour 1 and 2 are two linked days which introduce the basics of a person-centred approach to distressed behaviour

To find out more or book onto courses visit the UWE website.

Dementia study days
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