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Crowdsourcing staff ideas for NHS Change Day

11 March 2015

Staff at Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are being asked to share pledges on the actions they can take to improve patient experience and safety, change culture or make improvements to practice, as part of NHS Change Day on 11 March. University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UHBristol) will be asking staff what they are proud to have changed or are in the process of changing. At North Bristol NHS Trust, staff are also being encouraged to come up with innovative ideas.

UHBristol will also host stands showcasing transformational projects in their hospitals, while Bristol CCG are holding lunchtime seminars all this week, offering staff the opportunity to find out more about changes they are making to realise better health and sustainable healthcare for Bristol. Themes for the seminars include:

  • Better Care in Bristol: What does it mean for the individual and what do we need to do differently?
  • Commissioning for Bristol: How do we ensure that health services meet the needs of our diverse city?
  • Sustainability in the NHS: Find out what progress has been made in the local health community in advance of NHS Sustainability Day, 26 March
  • Knowledge mobilisation: Find out about the KM team and their role in developing better links between the communities of health research and health commissioning

NHS Change Day is a national initiative, giving the opportunity for the NHS to come together and harness its collective energy, creativity and ideas to make a change. Together each small action will make a big difference in improving the care and wellbeing of those who use the NHS.

Crowdsourcing staff ideas for NHS Change Day
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