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Putting lives first on Bristol’s roads

20 March 2015

A ten year plan to reduce the number of collisions and casualties on Bristol's roads and improve health and wellbeing has been launched by Bristol City Council today (20 March).

'A Safe Systems Approach to Road Safety in Bristol' is based on the principle that almost all road deaths and injuries are preventable and lives and health should not be compromised by mobility.

Fear of injury currently deters many people from making sustainable travel choices with figures from 2013 showing that 55 per cent of people killed and injured on Bristol's roads were pedestrians and cyclists.

In addition to the devastating impact on the lives of everyone involved in traffic collisions, Department for Transport figures show an economic cost of over £40m of those killed and seriously injured on Bristol's roads during 2013.

Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson said: "This comprehensive plan considers all aspects of road safety and defines my vision for a safer, healthier and more economically resilient city.

"Almost all road deaths and injuries are preventable and it is our joint responsibility to do everything we can to minimise these and reduce their frequency and severity. Every citizen - no matter of what age, has the right to move around Bristol safely and without undue risk of being injured by traffic.

"I am determined to ensure that we take all necessary measures to improve the quality of life, including the health and safety of all who live, work and visit Bristol."

The plan outlines six action points to improve road safety in Bristol and make it a healthier place for citizens:

  • Working with partners to reduce the cost of public transport, enhance travel information and encourage more reliable public transport choices.
  • Continuing to improve our cycle network towards best European standards.
  • Reducing emissions across the city to help protect people from the harm caused by poor air quality.
  • Removing the blight of commuter congestion and improve flows for public transport and those who need to drive.
  • Promoting walking and cycling as safe, pleasant and convenient alternatives to the car.
  • Continuing improvements to layouts to create civilised spaces and people friendly streets with an emphasis on safety for children.

These are underpinned by an action plan of policies being implemented to support the overall vision between 2015-2020 and then extended.

Cllr Mark Bradshaw, Assistant Mayor with responsibility for Transport said: "Safer road use, safer roads, safer vehicles, and safer speeds are the four elements of a safe system approach to road safety. These help to reduce road danger and align road safety with broader social, economic and environmental goals so we can tackle other problems associated with road traffic such as congestion, noise, air pollution and lack of physical exercise.

"Improving safety plays a key role in enabling people to choose healthy and environmentally sustainable travel choices. Most notably childrens' independent mobility and physical activity levels have declined over recent decades mostly due to parental concerns about traffic. The Road Safety Plan aims to make our roads safer for everyone.

To view the full report visit:

Putting lives first on Bristol’s roads
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