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NIHR CLAHRC West thematic analysis of CCG 5 year plans

31 March 2015

The National Institute for Health Research Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care West (NIHR CLAHRC West) has produced a thematic analysis of the five year plans of the Clinical Commissioning Groups in its patch.

Following on from last July's publication of their stakeholder priority analysis report, CLAHRC West has now produced a thematic analysis of the seven Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) that cover the West of England patch. This analysis draws on the CCGs' five year plans which were published after their initial report was released. Feedback on the report showed that stakeholders found the tables comparing organisations useful, so they have adopted this approach with the CCGs' priorities, to give an overview of the thematic commonalities in the plans.

They have produced a one page summary of the updated priorities and an updated version the full report with a table of the thematic analysis of the CCG priorities. Where CCGs have priorities that are not in the thematic analysis table because they are not shared across the geographical area, there is a list which identifies these in relation to the specific services cited.

NIHR CLAHRC West thematic analysis of CCG 5 year plans
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