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Chronic Kidney Disease HIT review of 2014-15

26 May 2015

Dr Udaya Udayaraj, Director of the Chronic Kidney Disease Health Integration Team (HIT), gives an update on their work in 2014-15.

The Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) HIT aims to improve outcomes for patients with kidney disease in the Bristol area through prevention, improved patient care, education and research. The Health Survey for England found that 6-7 per cent of the population has kidney function of less than 60 per cent, rising to over 30 per cent in over 75s.

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is seen in 15 per cent of all admissions to hospital and 20-30 per cent of these are avoidable. Almost £1 billion is spent on managing patients with AKI each year. We have set up an AKI working group in North Bristol Trust, in collaboration with other trusts in the region, to improve AKI management through early detection, development of care guidelines and bundles, training and raising awareness of AKI among health care professionals and the public.

We are setting up a telephone clinic service for CKD and kidney transplant patients. We will work with NIHR CLAHRC West on a feasibility study for the service and evaluate it in terms of financial savings, patient satisfaction, and reducing carbon footprint.

Our patient representatives are exploring the feasibility of a patient and public run hospital transport system using volunteers.

Chronic Kidney Disease HIT review of 2014-15
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