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Healthy Neighbourhood Environments HIT review of 2014-15

26 May 2015

Dr Suzanne Audrey, Dr Adrian Davis and Marcus Grant, Directors of the Healthy Neighbourhood Environments Health Integration Team (SHINE HIT) give an update on progress in 2014-15.

The Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments (SHINE) HIT works with neighbourhoods in an inter-generational, inter-disciplinary way, involving local people, policy makers, practitioners and academics. We held our second review meeting in April 2015, where we identified several themes to take forward: child friendly city; age friendly city; transport & access; open streets and public spaces; and nature in the urban environment.

Suzanne is the principal investigator of the Travel to Work randomised control trial, evaluating a walk to work intervention in the Bath, South Gloucestershire and Swansea areas. She is on the planning group of Bristol Walking Festival, and speaks regularly at public events to highlight the importance of supporting walking in the urban environment. She is also the principal investigator for a systematic review with NIHR CLAHRC West, examining the impact of changes to the urban environment on mental health and wellbeing.

Adrian produces ‘essential evidence’ briefing papers relating to health and transport for Bristol City Council. He continues to work on the implementation of 20mph speed limits in Bristol, including a YouGov survey of British attitudes and reported behaviours regarding 20mph, leading to three peer reviewed papers. He also led a review of the evidence on academic attainment and physical activity, and the Traffic Choices project.

Marcus is advisor to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Europe Healthy Cities programme. He is on the Scientific Committee for the international conference ‘Nature-Based Solutions to Societal Challenges’ in Ghent, May 2015, where he is presenting and is co-investigator on the Economic and Social Research Council network on re-thinking the evidence base for planning and health. He is developing the built environment professions’ understanding of health and the urban realm through his work on the policy committee of the Landscape Institute.

Marcus and Adrian are both helping WHO Europe to update their guidance for Age Friendly Cities.

Healthy Neighbourhood Environments HIT review of 2014-15
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