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Our 2014-15 annual review is out now

15 June 2015

Our 2014-15 annual review was launched at our annual Health Integration Team (HIT) conference on 12 June. The Bristol Health Partners annual review showcases the work of the partnership and includes updates from our 18 HITs and a round-up of the health research activity across Bristol and the partner organisations.

Annual review cover 2014-15

Some of the highlights in this edition include:
  • Personal reflections on the last year from our Chair Andrea Young and Director David Relph
  • The Bristol Health Partners strategy for the next five years
  • Five reasons why Bristol Health Partners is different
  • A roundup of Bristol's inaugural Festival of Health
  • How we've engaged with people over the last year
  • Our finances

Bristol Health Partners Communications Manager Zoe Trinder-Widdess said: "This year's annual review really showcases the great work going on here in Bristol. Last year's was a hit with those we sent it to, leading to visits from other health partnerships and even Felicity Harvey, the Director General for Public Health at the Department of Health. Who knows who it will bring to our city this year. And I must say a massive thank you to the 50 or so people who contributed ideas, stories and copy."

The review was given to all 130 delegates at the HIT conference, and will be sent to key influencers in health and health research both locally and nationally. Copies will be given to each partner organisation, to distribute as they wish. If you'd like a hard copy or to suggest someone who should receive one, email Zoe on

Download the annual review 2014-15 (PDF)
Our 2014-15 annual review is out now
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