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Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research

16 August 2015

The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research (EBI), co-funded by the Wellcome Trust and the University of Bristol, brings together leading researchers from disparate fields to collaborate on solutions to the most pressing health problems of the 21st century.

The institute aims to 'widen the gene pool' of health research by breaking down barriers between disciplines and encouraging new configurations of people, ideas and approaches. At the core of every EBI project is a mission to produce tangible outcomes that can be translated into clinical practice.

Health research at the University of Bristol

The University of Bristol has one of the UK’s leading medical schools, with an outstanding community of researchers in health and medicine. It also boasts world-leading academics in areas not traditionally associated with health research – for example, electrical engineering, photonics, robotics, composite materials, nanoscience, and synthetic chemistry – and these are of particular interest to the EBI as potential partners in groundbreaking interdisciplinary work.

The EBI addresses the full spectrum of topics ranging from the basic sciences that underpin our understanding of health and disease, to the clinical, social and population sciences, with a particular focus on the translation of this knowledge into effective health outcomes.

Find out more about health research at Bristol.

Achieving the institute's mission

EBI will achieve its mission in the following ways:

  • Playing a key role in developing a biomedical research strategy for the University of Bristol
  • Identifying and enabling the necessary interactions and providing funding to support interdisciplinary workshops and pilot projects
  • Identifying and nurturing the next generation of talented clinical and non-clinical health researchers from inside and outside Bristol and supporting our research community with prestigious Elizabeth Blackwell Fellowships
  • Ensuring our research is continually grounded by real clinical, social and public health needs, working with Bristol Health Partners, industry and otherpartners to deliver adoptable solutions
  • Establishing an open and lively dialogue with patients and the public, and involving them in the future of our health research
  • Providing expertise in developing partnerships, as well as access to information, potential collaborators, and research resources
Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research
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