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SHINE's healthy, inclusive neighbourhood checklist workshop

18 November 2015

As part of Healthy City Week, the SHINE held a workshop to contribute to the development of a healthy, inclusive neighbourhood checklist. The half-day workshop was organised to consider some of the academic evidence for which aspects of the urban infrastructure are important to support health and wellbeing.

Formal presentations were followed by an opportunity to share ideas. The event was aimed at policy makers, planners, local residents and anyone with an interest in what makes up a healthy, inclusive neighbourhood environment. The event was attended by 56 participants with a wider range of experience and expertise, and representing different neighbourhoods across Bristol.

The workshop generated ideas in:

  • Pedestrian infrastructure
  • Cycling infrastructure
  • Access, street furniture and toilets
  • Streets
  • Green space and food
  • Motorised traffic
  • Shared spaces

Read the full report to find out more (PDF).

SHINE's healthy, inclusive neighbourhood checklist workshop
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