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Could you help shape the future work of Bristol Health Partners? An invitation from David Relph

17 December 2015

Working with others in our city and city region, Bristol Health Partners exists to support efforts to improve the health of those who live in and around Bristol and to help improve the delivery of the services on which they rely, acting as a positive mechanism for change in our health and care community and city region.

This is your chance to help shape our future work in three important areas: the city region’s future health and care workforce; using data better in health and care; and health and care as a leader in sustainability. Whether you’re a patient or citizen, or a professional working in the partnership organisations, or in the wider health and care community in Bristol, we are interested in your ideas.

We have been working with people from across Bristol’s health and care community to develop a set of initial ideas for projects under each of the areas of workforce, data and sustainability. We would now like to share these, to hear other ideas and to make sure we’re not missing opportunities to join things up, or thinking about things in different ways. If there’s a problem that you think we should be working on, or something already happening that we could help integrate with the wider health and care community, please let us know.

This is our chance to help to shape the work of the partnership. Please tell us what you think.

We have produced four documents that bring together all the ideas so far: one that contains all the project ideas across all the work programme themes, and individual documents for each work programme. There is also an online version using IdeaScale.


Review and vote on the ideas online

The online version using IdeaScale allows you to review the ideas online. You can also vote on the ideas from 1 February. Feedback should be sent to

How to feedback

Please share your ideas and feedback before midnight on Friday 19 February via

Voting via IdeaScale opens on 1 February and closes at midnight on Friday 19 February. All votes, ideas and comments will be presented to a formal review panel that will decide which ideas to take forward at the end of February 2016.

Please email with your comments, new proposals and to let us know if you’d like to be involved with any of the projects. If you would like extra support with making a contribution, please call John Kellas on 07800 606974 or email

Could you help shape the future work of Bristol Health Partners? An invitation from David Relph
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