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Health Integration Team annual conference survey

15 February 2016

The 2016 Health Integration Team conference is being held in June, and we are looking for your feedback and ideas for this year's event.

Thanks to all those who completed evaluation forms at the 2015 conference. The evaluation provided useful learning on the conference experience and how we might improve on this for future events.

Feedback from the evaluation forms suggests that networking and knowledge sharing were particularly valued aspects of the conference. The evaluation also provided information about additional training or support needs for HITs. This feedback is particularly welcome as it helps Bristol Health Partners to target resources appropriately. From comments received we are looking at ways in which we can further enable engagement with commissioners, share details of research, provide support around evaluation skills and tools, and support around accessing and reviewing evidence.

We’re keen to follow up the evaluation and gain views on the impact of the conference for HITs now that a few months have passed. We are inviting participants to complete a short online survey. It will take only a few minutes to complete and responses are anonymous. The results will be available on the Bristol Health Partners website.

As the survey will seek ideas for the 2016 conference, this will be a great opportunity for you to say what you want from future conferences as well.

To access the survey go to

Thank you. Your views are important to us.

For more information please contact Trish Harding on
Health Integration Team annual conference survey
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