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Elizabeth Blackwell Institute has now funded over 100 projects

19 February 2016

The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute has now funded over 100 projects, from supporting promising young researchers to interdisciplinary workshops, to health research projects including those with translational or commercial potential. Since 2012, thanks to £3.75m funding from the Wellcome Trust matched by the University of Bristol, the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute (EBI) has made great strides in identifying new approaches to solving health challenges, through bringing researchers from often very disparate disciplines to work together in innovative ways.

Its aim is to create an environment in which experts across the biomedical sciences, the physical and engineering sciences, arts and humanities, and social sciences, alongside public, industry, doctors and clinical practitioners share and develop their ideas together.

Over half of its funding so far has been spent on supporting early career researchers and clinicians, enabling young, talented people to secure major prestigious awards and fellowships. So far, its Clinical Primers have given 24 clinical graduates the chance to experience research environment for the first time, while 15 Early Career Fellowships have enabled researchers to apply for major prestigious fellowships in a bid to pursue their research goals.

Almost £300,000 worth of Catalyst funds have been awarded to interdisciplinary collaborations, while their Translational Acceleration and Knowledge Transfer Awards (TRACK) have been the springboard for 13 commercial ventures involving University of Bristol researchers and industry, as well as helping to secure further investments of over £4.5m from the Wellcome Trust, the National Institute for Health Research and commercial partners.

Full details of all the project EBI has supported, together with their current funding schemes, are on their funding pages.

Further information

If you have an idea for a project, wonder whether your expertise or skills might be helpful in addressing health challenges, or simply would like to learn more about what they do, please get in touch with them by emailing or visiting them at the Royal Fort House.
Elizabeth Blackwell Institute has now funded over 100 projects
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