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CIPIC's 'Making it happen: injury prevention and care' conference roundup

22 April 2016

Dr Julie Mytton, Director of the Child Injury Health Integration Team (CIPIC HIT), talks about the team's 2016 conference which took place on 17 March. This is part of a series of blogs, where key players in Bristol's health sector write about a health related subject of their choice. If you want to contribute, email

We held our third CIPIC HIT conference on Thursday 17 March 2016 at the Education Centre, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. The title for the day was ' Making it happen: injury prevention and care' and it was specifically targeted at practitioners and those working directly with children, young people and families. A wide range of delegates attended and we were delighted to welcome students among the participants.

When we invited our keynote speaker, Professor Keith Stokes from the University of Bath, to talk on sports injuries, we couldn’t have anticipated the media attention relating to head injuries and sport that occurred during the run up to our conference, so his presentation, 'So after all that fuss, should we really ban tackling in youth rugby?' was particularly topical.

Each session of the day combined a mixture of an acute injury care issue, an injury prevention topic and a presentation on injury rehabilitation, to provide everyone with an opportunity to hear how all parts of the injury care pathway have the potential to join up. The majority of the speakers have been able to make their presentations available below.

The CIPIC HIT will be working with the Public Health team at Bristol City Council to undertake a child injury needs assessment and delegates were able to contribute to the planning for this project during the conference.

Many thanks to everyone who presented or attended for making it such an interesting day.

CIPIC's 'Making it happen: injury prevention and care' conference roundup
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