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The Happiness Pulse - measuring Bristol's wellbeing

26 April 2016

After five years in development with international experts, Happy City have launched the Happiness Pulse, a new low cost way of collecting detailed information about wellbeing which can be used to help understand the wellbeing needs and strengths of Bristol people.

This is a full-scale citywide test of this new tool, which will be rolled out nationally in November. Bristol Green Capital partner organisations are being offered the chance to sign up as part of the trial for free. Partners will receive a unique url which identifies the data from your user group so they'll get their own combined results at the end of the trial period in July 2016.

To take up this amazing opportunity you can simply apply to take part by writing to

Every individual participant gets their own feedback about strengths and needs, together with a wide range of videos, reading and tips to develop wellbeing.

This study will set a landmark in global research into valuing wellbeing in cities. There are no comparable city-scale systems world wide designed to work from the bottom up (for individuals, organisations and communities) as well as it does from the top down (for policy makers at city, region or national levels) - so it's an exciting time to get involved.

In summary, the Happiness Pulse:

  • supports individuals to better understand and improve their wellbeing
  • provides local organisations a proven way to measure the wellbeing of their members, users or staff and compare it to city and national averages
  • when the city results are brought together within the Happy City index Autumn 2016, it will connect how people are feeling and functioning in their day to day lives with policy-making decisions which influence the wellbeing of people and planet at every level of city life

The approach has been recognised as ground-breaking by people all over the world.

The Happiness Pulse - measuring Bristol's wellbeing
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