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Report your walking and cycling Bristol bugbears

11 May 2016

Bristol City Council has some money to make small improvements to walking and cycling routes. Fixing small things can make a big difference - bugbears are the small irritating things that hinder your cycling and walking through Bristol. It could be roads that could be made safer, missing signage, overgrown paths, uneven surfaces, obstacles or potholes.

See the Bugbears website:

Use the slider to indicate how critical the issues are for you.

The current funding does not include bigger projects like new pathways, but if you mention these they will gather them for future bids.

Report an issue

You can add as many issues as you like. Bristol City Council will frequently review all comments and at the end of July, 2016, will create a list of priorities based on your feedback. As they get to work, they will keep you updated to let you know how they are getting on.
Report your walking and cycling Bristol bugbears
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