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South Gloucestershire dementia, carers and falls consultation open

7 June 2016

Three important strategies on dementia, carers and preventing falls in South Gloucestershire are now open for consultation. South Gloucestershire Council and Clinical Commissioning Group are consulting and engaging with the public, service users, carers, partners and staff on these vital strategies.

Older people are an important and growing population in South Gloucestershire. Dementia, caring and falls do not affect people in isolation. All three can be part of an individual’s daily life and it makes sense to seek people’s views on them at the same time. They are encouraging people living in South Gloucestershire to give comments and feedback on any one or all of these three strategies.

Many carers care for older people, and many are older people themselves, though becoming a carer can happen at any age. They are also asking adult carers under the age of 50, and young carers, under the age of 18, what they think the priorities should be.

The consultation is open for comments from 23 May to 22 August 2016. They would also like to hear your views about new services to support people with dementia and their community falls service, and these engagements run until 4 July.

The full consultation documents, surveys and Equalities Impact Assessments are available at: or from your local South Gloucestershire library and One Stop Shops.

South Gloucestershire dementia, carers and falls consultation open
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