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Our 2015-16 annual review is out now

27 June 2016

Our 2015-16 annual review was launched at our annual Health Integration Team (HIT) conference on 17 June. The Bristol Health Partners annual review showcases the work of the partnership and includes updates from most of our 20 HITs and a round-up of the health research activity across Bristol and the partner organisations.

Some of the highlights in this edition include:

Visit the 2015-16 annual review microsite

Download the 2015-16 Bristol Health Partners annual review (PDF)

Bristol Health Partners Communications Manager Zoe Trinder-Widdess said:

"The Bristol Health Partners annual review is our flagship publication, telling the Bristol health story and showcasing the great work going on in Bristol and the West, both for stakeholders closer to home, and national influencers and decision makers. This year we've taken the annual review that bit further by creating a microsite to bring it to life. We've also got a video that showcases some of the highlights from the last year."

The review was given to all 150 delegates at the HIT conference, and will be sent to key influencers in health and health research both locally and nationally. Copies will be given to each partner organisation, to distribute as they wish. If you'd like a hard copy or to suggest someone who should receive one, email Zoe on

Watch the video

Our 2015-16 annual review is out now
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