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Challenging the HITs to collaborate in new ways with Bristol Health Partnerology

13 July 2016

At the annual Health Integration Team (HIT) conference this year, HITs were challenged to find new ways to collaborate in the specially created Bristol Health Partnerology walking game. Health Integration Teams played for Bristol Health Partners pounds, which were awarded for each new idea they came up with when they landed on another HIT.

Five teams took part in the game in total. The runners up were SHIPP, who earned £11,300 and STITCH HIT, with £12,700, while the overall winners were SHINE, with an impressive £14,200. Unfortunately the winnings don’t translate into real money, but nevertheless congratulations to SHINE, STITCH and SHIPP and all the teams that took part on the day.

The game generated lots of creative ideas for collaboration, including using intergenerational activities to encourage takeup of flu jabs among children and older people, or using ‘telemedicare’ in place of some face-to-face consultations, to reduce the number of car journeys associated with healthcare.

And there was lots of interest in the game on Twitter:

There was such enthusiasm for the game that colleagues from across the partnership are interested in running their own versions, and we hope to use the game as part of Healthy City Week during October.

Jan Connett, who came up with idea, as well as creating the whole board from scratch herself, said:

“The whole idea of this game was to make HITs think creatively about collaboration. It was so heartening to see so many people enjoying themselves while playing it, and thanks to everyone who threw themselves into the spirit of the game - especially those who wore the silly hats!"

David Relph, Director of Bristol Health Partners, said:

“What Jan has created is absolutely extraordinary. I was really amazed by the game, and it brought a real element of fun to the day. It was a highlight for everyone who played, and definitely got the most attention on Twitter! Thanks to Jan for her creativity and vision, and I’ll look forward to seeing the game have new life at future events.”
Challenging the HITs to collaborate in new ways with Bristol Health Partnerology
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