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Bristol’s Manifesto for Older People is launched

27 July 2016

Bristol Older People’s Forum have launched Bristol’s Manifesto for Older People, which outlines how Bristol must recognise diversity and address inequality to become a great place to grow old for everyone. An official launch event will be held in Autumn 2016.

Bristol Older People’s Forum (BOPF) exists to promote social inclusion for the public benefit by working with those in the City of Bristol who are socially and economically excluded or disadvantaged on the grounds of their age, relieving their needs and supporting their participation in society.

The aim is that every older person in the city is an equal, valued, participating member of the community who can influence the decisions which affect their lives.

This manifesto sets out the priorities in achieving the BOPF aim through influencing key providers and decision makers in the city. It recognises that Bristol should become a great place to grow old for everyone - regardless of their income, sex, gender reassignment, race/ethnicity, faith/belief, sexual orientation, disability, physical and mental health - and indeed where they live, their education, digital access, living alone, transport access, family/marital status.

The manifesto is available in full and is also available on the new BOPF website.

Bristol’s Manifesto for Older People is launched
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