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‘Making a Difference’ guides published for care home managers and staff

27 July 2016

Alive!, in partnership with Bristol City Council, is pleased to announce the publication of ‘Making a Difference’, a new resource to improve the lives of older people living in care homes.

Positive relationships between residents, care staff and relatives are, of course, at the heart of good care and care home management has a vital role to play in nurturing the positive interactions which lead to these close relationships. ‘Making a Difference’ consists of two guides, one for care home managers and one for care staff, designed to provide simple, practical ideas that can enhance the development of a relationship-centred approach in care homes. The guides offer practical suggestions for engaging with residents and getting to know them when undertaking care work. Alive! has already received very positive feedback that the care staff guide is an excellent induction tool as well as a great resource for ongoing training.

In addition to offering a range of person-centred activities through presenters, and training care staff to deliver high quality activity sessions themselves, Alive! is dedicated to improving the lives of older people in care by championing their access to purposeful activity and intellectual, social and emotional engagement.

You can download the ‘Making a Difference’ guides for free from the Alive! website. You can also order hard copies which are available for a small charge.

If you would like any further information about the guides, please contact

‘Making a Difference’ guides published for care home managers and staff
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