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Do you have community health insights you could share on Better Cared?

4 August 2016

Healthwatch Bristol and the Care Forum have developed a new consultation website, Better Care Directory or Better Cared for short, which is now open for you to upload your consultation information:

Better Cared, funded by Bristol City Council, is a gateway to health and social care consultation data, contributed by service commissioners and providers, academics and clinicians across Bristol.

It has been piloted using information on falls prevention and is now being developed to hold information on all areas of health and social care.

How can the Better Cared site help you today?

  • You can upload links to your own data quickly and easily
  • You can share best practice and inform your own consultation designs
  • You can avoid duplicating consultation and over-consulting target groups
  • You can view consultation exercises planned by others and you can ask to partner if you need to collect data from the same participants
  • By uploading links to your consultation reports you can increase the visibility and impact of your consultation work
  • You can search for data relating to particular equalities characteristics, different areas of the city, health conditions, social care issues and many more criteria
  • You can use consultations by other agencies to inform your commissioning plans or to improve your services

For more information

The team are happy to come and demonstrate the website to you or to meet with you one-to-one. If you would like to book a demonstration or find out more, please contact them on: or 0117 965 4444 or

Do you have community health insights you could share on Better Cared?
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