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Bristol Health Partners and Health Integration Teams' contribution to Healthy City Week

14 September 2016

This year's Healthy City Week Bristol (15-22 October) will see a strong contribution from Bristol Health Partner organisations and Health Integration Teams (HITs). Not only is Bristol Health Partners the headline supporter for the week, but we are offering a number of events including:

Bristol Walking Alliance: Walkable neighbourhoods conference
15 October

A chance for Neighbourhood Partnership groups and local community groups to consider ways to support and improve the pedestrian environment in Bristol. The Bristol Walking Alliance is a campaigning group that aims to make the walking environment in Bristol more welcoming, safe, convenient and inclusive. Members include Bristol Health Partners SHINE HIT (Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments Health Integration Team), Bristol Civic Society, Bristol Ramblers, Living Streets, Road Peace, Sustrans, Transport for Greater Bristol, and local community and neighbourhood partnerships.

BoNEE consultation at Healthy City Week community launch day
15 October

The early years Health Integration Team, BoNEE, will be talking to parents about what issues they should prioritise in their work to get Bristol's children off to the best possible start in life.

Seminar: APPHLE Health Integration Team from Bristol Health Partners
17 October

This event will consider how older people can be encouraged to get out and to be active to improve physical and mental wellbeing, reduce social isolation, increase life expectancy and improve quality of life. Come with questions and ideas to share. It is organised and hosted by the Active Older People Health Integration Team (APPHLE HIT).

Public Health, Bristol City Council: Putting health in all policies and making prevention everyone’s business
17 October

A healthy city is one where public bodies have ‘health in all policies’ allowing all residents access to healthy, long, fulfilling lives – policies which address the wider determinants of health such as housing, education, work, transport, food, air and water quality. This event will be led by the Director of Public Health, Becky Pollard, with speakers from Public Health England.

Developing healthy neighbourhoods: Build-in health or build more hospitals
18 October

Healthy neighbourhoods are the bedrock of a healthy city. But can the market deliver the kind of places that we know support healthy lifestyles? Can we splice together health and development economics to reduce the financial and social burden arising from avoidable disease. Might ‘building in health’ even save the NHS? Join IBI Group Architect & Studio Prinicipal, Mark Drane and Director of SHINE, Marcus Grant who will explore the economics of creating places that keep people healthy as part of Bristol's Healthy City Week.

Bristol Public Health hosts a community conversation
19 October

Join the Bristol City Council Health Improvement Team and Boing! for a family-friendly event. They will talk about the health and wellbeing issues that matter to Lockleaze residents.

Should our transport system be considered a public health issue?
19 October

Sustrans host a panel debate looking at the impact our transport system has on the health of the city. The panel will present on their specialist topics and includes SHINE HIT Director Dr Adrian Davis, Cllr Mark Bradshaw, Mike Harris, James Durie and Zoe Banks-Gross.

Launch of the Bristol Urban ID Project
19 October

The Bristol Urban ID project is a collaboration between University of Bristol, University of the West of England, Bristol City Council, South Gloucestershire Council, Bristol Health Partners and Bristol Green Capital Partnership.

Eating Disorders HIT open evening
19 October

Take part in an informal consultation and discussion evening with the Eating Disorders Health Integration Team (EDHIT), a group of doctors, psychiatrists, and other healthcare professionals, plus researchers, voluntary groups, funders and local commissioners, all working together to improve services for people with eating disorders in Bristol and the surrounding area. EDHIT is one of the Health Integration Teams working as part of Bristol Health Partners.

Medicines waste study by Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group
20 October

Research has identified that medicines waste is a big problem in Bristol, costing the NHS an estimated £5.7 million a year. Wasted medicines cannot treat anyone and poor patient compliance with prescribed medication affects health and quality of life. If not disposed of correctly, wasted medicines cause harm to the environment. Learn more about this recent Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) study.

Healthy City Week Expo
21 October

Visit the tree-lined Heart Institute Atrium in the BRI for exhibitions, free talks and workshops to enthuse public, patients and staff on being green and healthy. Find out what University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust and healthcare partners are doing to reduce their environmental impact, and raise awareness on the links between our environment, sustainability, health and wellbeing.

Bristol Loves Bugs! The human microbiome in health and disease
22 October

Come and hear about the latest research and practical thinking on the 100 trillion bugs that comprise the human ‘microbiome’. This event will include a talk from leading researcher Professor Tim Spector (King’s College London) on the impact of antibiotics and ideas for getting healthy bugs back where they belong. This event is brought to you by the University of Bristol, Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine.

Bristol Health Partners Director David Relph said:

"Bristol Health Partners is proud to support Healthy City Week 2016. The week is a unique platform to collaborate with new people and organisations, and take messages about health and sustainability to a wider audience. It’s a chance for health organisations, professionals and researchers to broaden and deepen conversations with people and communities in Bristol, highlighting the intrinsic link between our health as individuals and that of our environment. And if people are healthier, our health system is more sustainable.

"This year’s programme explores sustainable healthcare with events looking at self-care, social prescribing and integrative medicine. Communities play a vital role in creating a healthy, resilient city, and this year’s programme sees lots of activities in Bristol’s neighbourhoods as well as the city centre. I am especially heartened to see a strong involvement from Bristol Health Partner organisations and encourage people to connect with our Health Integration Teams in this year’s programme."
Bristol Health Partners and Health Integration Teams' contribution to Healthy City Week
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