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Healthwatch Bristol: substance misuse services recommissioning

5 January 2017

Healthwatch Bristol focuses on specific topics every quarter. In the first three months of 2017 they are focusing on substance misuse treatment services, which are being recommissioned by Bristol City Council.

Society, health and wellbeing

Healthwatch Bristol’s focus topic for January, February and March is society, health and wellbeing. Healthwatch recognises that our health and wellbeing is more than just a lack of illness and that the society we live in, has an impact on our wellbeing. As part of their work during these three months, they will be supporting the Bristol City Council recommissioning process for the substance misuse services.

Substance misuse recommissioning

Bristol City Council are in the consultation process for the substance misuse recommissioning until 15 April 2017. Substance misuse treatment services in Bristol currently provide a wide range of treatment and support under the Recovery Orientated Alcohol and Drugs Service (ROADS) scheme. Read more about Bristol City Council's substance misuse treatment services tender.

Do you have experience of accessing substance misuse services?

Tell Healthwatch about your experiences of:

  • finding out about the services
  • accessing the services
  • did this have any impacts on other health and social care services you were using.

To tell them your story, please contact them using the details below or invite them to meet a group you’re part of:


T: 0117 269 0400

Healthwatch Bristol: substance misuse services recommissioning
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