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University of Bristol Law School launches LLM in Health, Law and Society

27 April 2017

The University of Bristol Law School has launched a new course for anyone interested in healthcare. The LLM in Health, Law and Society, is a distinctive, master’s level degree that goes beyond traditional courses on healthcare law to look at the relationships between law, governance and health across society and governmental sectors. The course is offered on a full or part-time basis.

Marking a clear evolution in the field of Law and Health, the programme reflects the urgent challenges facing a fast-evolving healthcare world and covers issues that have far-reaching consequences for individuals and social institutions - issues such as end-of-life decisions, reproductive justice, right to health and medical negligence.

As such, students will be tackling wide-ranging questions concerning the impacts of law, regulation, policy, and practice on health and well-being, in a subject that requires collaboration across public, private and third-sector organisations and considers the wider environmental and social determinants of ill-health and the associated inequalities.

Students will be challenged by internationally recognised academics with a wealth of experience working with organisations responsible for policy development, professional regulation, and social advocacy. They will become part of our new centre for health, law and society set up in the belief that health policy should address all forms of health, rather than narrowly focus on physical health – and that prevention of ill health and the promotion of good health are crucial components of health policy, and not to be ignored by a near-exclusive Health Law focus on remediation of ill health.

And they will develop understanding and transferable skills that open up diverse career paths in policy, health care management, health regulation, health care provision, legal practice, public health practice, advocacy and legal/policy research at the third-most targeted university by Britain’s top 100 employers – a university that sees global health as a key priority area.

This is a great opportunity to develop a multi-faceted view of health and wellbeing that future employers will be looking for. Find out more today.

University of Bristol Law School launches LLM in Health, Law and Society
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