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From air pollution to cold homes, Healthy City Week 2017 will explore Bristol’s health and sustainability challenges

8 September 2017

Healthy City Week returns from 7 to 14 October with a unique programme of events exploring the health and sustainability of our city

Healthy City Week Bristol 2017 is set to create and deepen conversations around some of the major health and sustainability challenges we face. From the health impacts of air pollution and the benefits of active travel, to tackling cold homes in Bristol and creating healthier urban spaces.

Now in its third year, Healthy City Week is a unique annual programme of events promoting wellbeing that doesn’t cost the earth. It enables individuals and organisations from across Bristol to come together, exchange ideas and explore the intersections between the health of our citizens and the environmental sustainability of our city.

It is organised by Bristol Green Capital Partnership, with contributors coming from across its partnership network, and is supported by Bristol Health Partners, which brings together the city’s major health institutions.

On Saturday 7 October, Healthy City Week kicks off with ‘Fun Palaces’ in Lawrence Hill’s Wellspring Healthy Living Centre and Avonmouth Community Centre. These community-led events will aim to catalyse conversations around air pollution, healthy eating, mental health and wellbeing, smoking and active travel. Free activities will explore our personal and environmental health through art, science, skills and stories – including YoBike graffiti workshops, food swaps, exhibitions and immersive walks.

These themes and more will be picked up in events and discussions throughout Healthy City Week. The varied programme includes:

A series of events from Bristol Health Partners Health Integration Teams (HITs) will share insights into research on sustaining wellbeing into old age, the health implications of pavement parking in Bristol and the impact of urban design on health. Bristol Green Capital Partnership will create further opportunities for collaboration and connection in the week, with open discussion and networking events.

As always, Healthy City Week is a fantastic opportunity to learn something new! An expo in the Heart Institute atrium in the Bristol Royal Infirmary will showcase sustainable approaches to healthcare. A wellbeing day at the recently renovated New Rooms in the heart of Broadmead will offer free taster sessions and workshops. Go Green will explore the science of wellbeing in the workplace, with bike rides, a wellbeing breakfast and community farmer day also featuring in the programme.

Bristol libraries will be host to a range of events, including:

  • a talk from Miguel Barclay on fast and fresh £1 meals
  • how cycling can save the world with Bike Nation
  • workshops from the innovative ‘Man Food’ project that looks at the relationships between men, protein and the environment

After Healthy City Week, the discussion continues with a short session at the Festival of the Future City. We will highlight some of the seeds of change that will help to build a healthier and more environmentally sustainable city.

Ian Townsend, Chief Executive of Bristol Green Capital Partnership, said:

“Bristol Green Capital Partnership’s members have a shared vision of a sustainable Bristol with a high quality of life for all. We can only achieve this by working together across sectors and issue areas, taking a systemic approach to tackling some of the complex and difficult issues that we face. This is as true for ‘social’ issues as well as ‘environmental’ matters. Healthy City Week is our city’s unique space to bring these together, show their interlinkages, and find solutions together. Our annual Healthy City Week programme showcases existing work that is making Bristol a healthier and more sustainable and shows the enormous appetite to collaborate, share new ideas and promote positive sustainable and inclusive change in the city. Do come to an event – there really is something for everyone!”

Zoe Trinder-Widdess, Communications Manager for Bristol Health Partners, said:

“After the success of Healthy City Week Bristol last year, we are delighted to be able support it again in 2017. At a time of diminishing budgets, initiatives like this are essential to help us make the most of what’s already going on in our city. The week brings together such an array of people from different backgrounds and professions.

“In fact, I’d go so far as to say Healthy City Week is unique, not just in Bristol but in the UK. Nowhere else has such a well-developed initiative to bring together the health and sustainability sectors to explore the common goals of improving a city’s health and wellbeing. With a focus on deepening the conversations that were kicked off during previous years, I hope we’ll build a platform for change in our city.”

View the events programme at

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From air pollution to cold homes, Healthy City Week 2017 will explore Bristol’s health and sustainability challenges
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