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The Care Forum's new Voice and Influence Partnership: ensuring voices are heard

21 September 2018

Do you care about what happens in Bristol? Do you want to have a say in shaping local policy? The Care Forum has set up the Voice and Influence Partnership to support individuals, groups and communities whose voices are not always heard to have their say in shaping Bristol’s future.

The Voice and Influence Partnership has been set up to support people who live in the Bristol City area and are one or more of the following:

  • over 55
  • a member of a faith group
  • identify as disabled
  • from a minority ethnic group
  • identify as LGBTQ or other

If you don’t identify as part of these groups you can still join and the Care Forum will send you their newsletter and updates on their work.

As a member you will be among the first to hear about ways to have your say on the big issues affecting Bristol. For example, they are working with Bristol City Council to get a representative response to the Bristol Transport Strategy Consultation, which opened on Monday 24 September and closes on Friday 2 November.

Join for free today to:

  • Make sure your views and opinions are part of the decisions taken in Bristol that affect you and your community
  • Get the opportunity to attend special events that address the questions that matter to you
  • Be kept informed of how your contribution has impacted on decisions taken by Bristol City Council
  • Receive regular newsletters and updates

As a member you choose how you want to be involved, from keeping in touch to taking part.

Join the Voice and Influence Partnership.

You can find out more about the project by visiting the Care Forum website or sign up and become a member today.

The Care Forum's new Voice and Influence Partnership: ensuring voices are heard
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